A medium is a person who can go between the spiritual and physical world and interpret messages from spirit. Sensitive mediums are able to tune into the spirit body after death.

Mental mediumship is the ability to sense energy, feel thoughts, hear voices, see visions and mental movies, smell aromas and experience taste from the spirit world.

Spirit also uses telepathy and inspirational thought as a way of communicating with us.

Physical mediumship or “channeling” is when the actual body of the medium is used to convey messages from spirit on the other side.

Carol uses her gift of mental and physical mediumship to hear, see, feel and sometimes even smell and experience taste from spirit and relay their messages to you.

It is so amazing to see the heart warming, healing transformation, that takes place when a person makes contact with their deceased loved ones.

When someone passes on it is a continuation of life, they’re not gone, you just can’t see or hear them on the channel you are tuned into.

When you clear the mist around you, You can fine tune your frequency and hear the messages from your angels and departed love ones, everyone has this ability, it is our divine inheritance.

I believe that mediumship is for healing messages conveyed on both sides of the veil, when your deceased love ones communicate with you they are healing also.  They want you to know that they are here with you, helping you and watching over you and trying to get your attention and want to phone home to let you know they are okay and very much Alive.

“Our Spirit Loved ones are only a thought away.”

Medium readings help people to heal on all levels emotionally, mentally, physically and spiritually. Please come to your  medium session with an open, clear mind and heart.  Be open to see who shows up to say hello.

You may be pleasantly surprised by someone who shows up. Sometimes great Grandma and Grandpa bring through the one  you’re looking for, so, be patient and be open.

All information during a medium session is kept confidential and will not be shared with anyone without your explicit permission in writing.

If you feel guided to say prayers prior to coming to a session, ask your deceased loved one to join us in our session.

You can bring something of theirs that they wore often or treasured,  but it’s not necessary.  You can ask them to just mention the item during the session.

When receiving messages from a medium do not give the medium any information ahead of time.  Let the Medium give you the information and evidence first.

Wait until after the medium gives you the evidence then you can share the story if you would like to and ask questions.

The medium may ask you if the information makes sense to you? or “Do you understand this information?” during a session as perfectly alright to say Yes and briefly elaborate about what the Medium already shared with you first.

In other words don’t feed the Medium.  You are part of the mediumship process and you need to validate the information coming through the medium from your deceased loved one.

Release all preconceived ideas and expectations about what will happen during your session together.   Be open and ready for all the possibilities to gain insight into what you may not have noticed before.

You can record your session with your cell phone if you’d like to.

Carols Medium readings are done in a private setting with one guest or family member.  Sessions are one hour total length.

You will feel like they were all present with you, with all the peace and love in your heart when the session is concluded.

Carol also does “Gallery Gatherings” of small groups of people up to 8 in your home. Within 30 miles radius of Palm Coast, Florida and Wilbraham, Massachusetts.

Connect with Carol to schedule your Gallery Gathering or Medium reading today.

Sometimes people feel cool breezes and tingly feelings on there skin like goose bumps. That is your deceased loved ones confirmation of their energy around you.

There is nothing to be afraid of during a medium reading. Remember it’s your family coming through to say I Love and Miss you too. Sometimes there the ones who set up these encounters to let you know “Hey, I’m very much. Alive.”