Past Life Regression and Hypnosis

During a past life regression Carol and the angels will gently and safely guide you through to your previous lifetimes and bring you back with information that will help you remember, release, heal and learn from your past lives and unblock your success with moving forward in your life today. We will balance karma and break the reincarnation cycle if you choose to. Sessions are 2 hours in length.

Carol also does group Past Life Regression. Connect with Carol and schedule your session today.

What is hypnosis hypnosis is an altered state of attention where a person becomes highly responsive to suggestions.

A hypnotized person follows instructions in an automatic fashion and pays attention only to what the hypnotist brings to their attention.  If the person is highly responsive to suggestions they may hear, see, feel, smell or taste what the hypnotist is describing.

A person’s memory and awareness of self can be changed by suggestion with hypnosis, allowing positive results to take place in the conscious mind.

Misconceptions of hypnosis there are some misconceptions surrounding hypnosis.  Some people believe that a person becomes unconscious when hypnotize.  This notion may have come from the way television or stage  hypnosis is portrayed.  Being unconscious when hypnotize is the furthest from the truth.  A person actually becomes more awake and mentally aware, but very relaxed…. which makes them appear to be unconscious.  Hypnosis requires a person to have a certain level of concentration and intelligence.  You will not reveal all your secrets about yourself or others under hypnosis.   The hypnotized person can speak, if necessary but not necessarily tell the truth. Some people are afraid that they will not be able to come out of hypnosis once hypnotized… but they are even the ones actually putting themselves into the trance so they can just as easily take themselves out of the trance,  whenever they want.

The Church and Hypnosis

In some areas of the country, you’ll find an almost fanatical resistance to the word “Hypnosis”. Most often, this resistance is based on people not being educated about hypnosis.   Many times people are simply afraid of what they don’t know or understand.  Then degrade it and then resist what then they know nothing about.  usually out of fear.  (A false expectation appearing real)

Nowhere in the sacred texts will you find the word “hypnosis” and the closest thing to it in religious circles is meditation, which is universally embraced as the power for good!

In fact the Roman Catholic Church was among the first to recognize hypnosis as a legitimate physical phenomenon and to remove the occult stigma.  In 1847, the Church issued a proclamation on the subject, which stated in part.  “Having removed all misconceptions, explicit or implicit invocation of the devil,  the use of hypnosis is indeed merely an act of making use of physical media and is not morally forbidden, provided that it doesn’t does not tend towards and illicit end”.

In 1956,  Pope Pius the Xll   addressed a group of obstetricians and spoke of the use of hypnosis in the delivery process.

Some Catholic schools were now teaching courses in hypnosis and medicine; one example being them Marquette school of Dentistry.

The occult flavoring of hypnosis is undoubtedly left over from some of the weirdness of Mesmer’s day and from the Svengali and Rasputin traditions.  Today, some charlatan still use it noses as part of the repertoire of trickery.

The only defense against the bad publicity they generate is education. Church and Hypnosis, by Stephen Lavelle

Hypnosis has been in existence dating as far back as circa 3000 through 1000 BC in Egypt with the Sleep Temples and in Greece circa 2000-500 BC, as well as England and France and circa 10-1400 AD (“The Royal Touch”)